The Miki Sawada Memorial Museum was established in 1987 as a memorial museum to exhibit the hidden Christian relics collected by the late Ms. Miki Sawada, the founder of Children's Home "Elizabeth Saunders Home", during her lifetime, and is currently open to the public free of charge as a Memorial Museum to learn about the great achievements of Ms. Sawada during her lifetime, in addition to exhibiting hidden Christian relics.
The Memorial Museum is managed with warm donations from everyone and part of the operating expenses of the children's home. About 40 years have already passed since the construction of the memorial hall, and the collection and the building has deteriorated, but we have not been able to satisfactorily repair these valuable cultural properties due to the lack of funds to maintain and manage the facilities. We believe that the existence of the museum is a source of emotional support for the children and staff of the Elizabeth Saunders Home, as well as contributing to projects for the public benefit of the local community.
In order to inherit the legacy of Ms. Miki Sawada and further enhance and develop the business of managing the memorial museum, we would like to ask for your warm support.
Thank you very much. Please see the following website for how to support. 

Social Welfare Corporation
Elizabeth Saunders Home
Chairman of the Board
Hiromi Yukutake

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