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About Miki Sawada

About Miki Sawada

Miki Sawada was born in Hongo, Tokyo on September 19th 1901 (Meiji 34).
Her father was Hisaya Iwasaki, the eldest son of Yataro Iwasaki who is the founder of the Mitsubishi Zaibatsu. Miki was the first daughter after three sons. At the time of her birth, her father Hisaya was traveling in Europe. Therefore she was named by her uncle Yanosuke. Miki's "mi" was taken from her great-grandmother Miwa and "ki" came from her grandmother (Yataro's wife) Kise.
Because her date of birth is September 19, 1901, which means it has only 1 and 9, people said that she would follow a strange fate.
It can be said that her life had ups and downs, as she was born as a daughter of a conglomerate and dedicated herself to the children in Elizabeth Saunders Home.
However, she devoted her life with all the passion she had to raise the children.
In 1953 (Showa 28), after Miki founded Elizabeth Saunders Home, she established St. Stephen's School for the children in the Home to attend and learn safely.
Moreover, Miki Sawada Memorial Museum was built to fulfil her wish that her collection of hidden Christians' relics would be exhibited. Then the museum has been open to public from the following year.
It is now under renovation to become and reopen as a a place at which you can learn about Miki Sawada's great achievement in addition to hidden Christians' relics.

Miki Sawada's Office
“Mama-chama House”

Miki Sawada was called “Mama-chama” affectionately by the children in Elizabeth Saunders Home at the time it was founded.
This Mama-chama House was her office, and she was extremely busy as the principal of the Home.
At the start of the day in this House, Miki took care of the children, then made every effort to gather fund for their living and future.
She sent 5000 letters to her friends not only in Japan but also to those who lived overseas to ask for donations and appealed the pflight of the Home.

Mama-chama House