Miki Sawada Memorial Museum

About Miki Sawada Memorial Museum

Miki Sawada Memorial Museum was established to succeed Miki Sawada's lifetime will.
The idea of this building's design comes from Noah's Ark.
It has an exhibition room on the first floor and a chapel on the second floor.
We store 874 items of hidden Christians' relics and things related to them which were collected by Miki Sawada for over 40 years since 1936(Showa 11).
One third of those items is on display.

1F Entrance

Welcome, and thank you for visiting our museum. Above the front door of the entrance, you can find a woodwork of the nativity scenes which was donated by a temple in Chiba.
Mother Mary is on the right, Joseph is on the left and Jesus is in the middle.

1F Exhibition Room

In this exhibition room, about one third of 874 items of hidden Christians' relics is displayed.
Furthermore, the histories of Miki Sawada and Elizabeth Saunders Home will be exhibited in the future.

2F Chapel

The second floor is Miki Sawada Memorial Chapel where the children in Elizabeth Saunders Home come and pray on the Lord's Days (Sundays), on Easter, and on Christmas.